So, What is ‘Lefty in a business school?’

An introduction about me and what my blog will be about…..


Hello everyone!

Thanks for stopping by…..

My name is Brian Finlay and I live in Rutherglen, South Lanarkshire, Scotland and this is my blog! You’re all most welcome here……

I love to write about politics and business related policy. I have over 18 years experience of working in the service sector in a shop floor capacity and at strategic management level.

I am currently studying my MSc in Human Resource Management at Strathclyde Business School and like to see the area of business through a critical lens. Being in a business school environment can be challenging for someone who votes Scottish Green Party and feels regulation is the way forward to tackle our deep routed inequality in the UK. This can be seen as ‘lefty’ or counterproductive to the ‘entrepreneurial spirit of the UK’. I tend to see it as just caring about people; especially with the power differences between employers and employees. I decided to finally start my blog after thrice fracturing my ankle and receiving an operation to correct the damage and realign my talus bone. What this means is, I’ll be on couch/bed rest for 12 weeks so this is a way of keeping me sane but also putting into place a dream of mine of blogging and writing opinion pieces.

I support Scotland being an independent country, again not massively popular in the business arena, and could see huge opportunities to shift towards a fairer society not relying on fossil fuels and exploitative working practices. The renewable energy sector could be the new bread and butter of Scotland’s economy with more innovation and funding alongside tourism and food and drink. We could be a successful small economy with principles, such as Iceland introducing compulsory gender equal pay and Finland trialing Universal Basic Income.

I write opinion pieces mostly and have many letters published in national newspapers. I wanted to take the next step in my writing journey to attempt to intrigue and engage others. I will, over the next few weeks post my letters from the past year as many challenge political rhetoric and the world of business. This will help you understand my motivations and passions further.

Business and enterprise can be used for good, there are many examples of fantastic social enterprises across Scotland and the rUK, or it can be used to exploit people for profit. Sadly, the latter seems to be most common with precarious work on the rise and working conditions continuing to be ground down to a pulp by The Conservative Government.

Please get in touch on and let me know your thoughts:

Twitter: @BSFGreen

I don’t respond to rudeness or trolls as silence indicates exactly how much time will be given to their points of view.

Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery very but in the interim; I’ll be writing to my hearts content…

Author: Brian Finlay

I’m a post graduate student studying Human Resource Management at Strathclyde Business School. I was inspired to do this blog, and it’s given name, by people being shocked by me attending a business school in a more corporate type of education setting. I do my research projects around precarious work; service sector; in-work poverty; employment relations and the state welfare and unemployment. I am left political leaning and I am a member of The Scottish Green Party; making me an avid supporter of Scottish Independence on the grounds of a potential decentralised power structure. My blog, which I have finally got the guts to start after finding the time recovering from a nasty ankle operation, will be centred around key HRM academic debates from a left political perspective. I hope you enjoy 🙂

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